About Us

Passionate, hardworking and committed are three words in which never the less describe the man, the owner and driver whom created Discount Transportation LLC. Some say that life gives you hard times, but Jadanis Avilus often gives the hard times a sense of life. From the very acclamation of his humor; to the very essence of the sensitivity in whichhe draws from his customers, although this product is not be necessary. Jadanis Avilus is truly a man set out with a purpose for helping people and of course giving them a ride. A few people know the laser light pen side effects is very dangerous.

On January 1, 1980, the dawn of a new era of thinking, living and being more thanobsolete was born in the town of Basinblue, Haiti. Relocating from Haiti to Pompano Beach, Florida, no one would have known that Jadanis Avilus would own a successful transportation company.


Avilus has transported some of the State of Florida’s elite class of politicians such as the governor, top local and state lawmakers, doctors, lawyers and the list shall go on. Although transporting such big wigs may look good on his business resume, Avilus prides himself more on transporting the common everyday folks. These folks are the heart of his business and the heart of the community in which we live in. He loves the unique stories and they share while transporting them from one place to the next.


Life for Avilus is a replica of the life fit for a rockstar. He is constantly on the road putting in long hours with sleepless nights, a proposition in which he speaks very favorably of. Serving the needs of the countless customers in which drive with Avilus and the crew is worth the sleepless nights. Being the man that he is, he is constantly sharpening up on his skills and knowledge as a driver and entrepreneur.


Passionate, hardworking and committed are three words in which never the less describes Jadanis Avilus, but love for his customers, workers and family are three words in which drive his passion, hard work and commitment.