Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we ride with Discount Transportation LLC and not a cab?

Because we are more affordable and reliable.

What services do you provide?

We provide $10.00 rides one way, food delivery, package delivery, airport shuttles, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, club shuttles, student grocery groups which are $3.00 per person and $25.00 an hour for unlimited errands within the hour.

Does Discount Transportation LLC travel outside of the Tallahassee city limits?


What’s the furthest place you’ll go?

Anywhere you want to go for the right price.


Are your rates the absolute lowest?

In 90% of the cases are rates are the absolute lowest rates you’ll find here in Tallahassee. Sometimes are rates aren’t the lowest.

Do you take debit, credit, checks or money orders?

Yes.We acceplt all of the above payment methods

What days and times do you all travel outside of the city of Tallahassee?

You give us the day and time and we’ll be their upon availability.

“Citizens over the age of sixty-five and under eighteen make up for twenty percent of all transit trips. There is a lot of initiatives that the City of Tallahassee is doing to improve on it’s public transportation methods, but they still don’t address the key needs of our citizens.
Citizens of Tallahassee want a more flexible and on the spot means of getting around. They are tired of moving from bus stop to bus stop on a trip that takes an hour by bus and five minutes by car.”